File upload step

File upload step asks a user to upload the file(s) which can be later accessed via the reporting in the Control Room and in the bot variables.

Current maximum file size is 25 MB

Here’s the demo for this step type:

You can add it via the standard new step menu:

It has the following important settings:

Number of answers a user can give

Sets the limit of the number of the files to upload

Accepted file types

Limits the file types accepted. You can use extensions (.jpg) or mime types (text/csv).

Allow camera upload

Allows uploading the photos taken directly from the (web)camera of the respondent

Maximum file size in MB

The maximum file size allowed for the upload in MB. If not specified, it’s set at 25 MB

Answering is required

When not enabled, the file upload will be optional and the user can continue the bot conversation without uploading any file.

Accessing the uploaded files via the bot variables

If you create a bot variable of step type, selecting the file upload step, then:

To access uploaded file names, comma-separated, use syntax:


To access the uploaded file id, name, and temporary URL, comma-separated, use the syntax:


To access the variable in the script variable:


Example result will be:

[‘fileID1’, ‘fileName1’, ‘fileURL1’, ‘fileID2’, ‘fileName2’, ‘fileURL2’]

Note that the file URL provided is a temporary secret URL which expires in 1 hour

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