Chatbot Basics

Quriobot is a tool to build smart and beautiful chatbots. A chatbot can be described as a computer program that simulates a conversation with human users, like your customers. QBs are always happy to talk to your customers all day (and night) and help keep them happy.

QBs are able to engage your visitors in a two-way conversation and collect honest answers. They are able to handle customer services while collecting data and directing visitors to the things they love. QBs streamline visitor flow and improve site experiences, reduce demand for customer service support.

At a basic level, all a bot need to know is the following:

Steps: the structure of the conversation is made by the different questions. Per step the conversation content. This always includes these elements:

  1. Bot messages: the conversation that leads to the question of that step
  2. Answers options: which are the answer (input)options for the user and its configuration
  3. Responses: based on the answer of the user you configure how the chat responds and how it proceeds (to which next step)
  4. Settings: the different settings that can be configured per step

That’s it! Sign up and start building a bot today!

See our guides on Question Types, Message types, and Customising Your Quriobot for more support getting started.

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