A quick introduction

A quick introduction to building the script for your bot

Every bot is built up in Step types (the questions) and every step type consists of three distinct parts: the 1. Bot messages, its 2. Answer options, and how the bot 3. Responses to the input of the user and at the bottom the Step settings of that particular Step. This page will give you a quick introduction to the general setup of every Quriobot and its steps.

Choose your starting point, the Templates: To help you get started we offer a lot of great templates, choose one and click next:

Note: you can also find those templates here: https://quriobot.com/examples

Bot Steps: All bot templates have pre-configured steps which can be changed, deleted, or copied and of course, you can add your own steps

Steps, a breakdown: Each step is built up in three parts, messages, answer options and responses, and its specific settings:

1. Bot Messages

The Bot messages are the messages that the bot will say. For all the step types, this is the input you will have. For more information about the different types of messages and the different modifications, please have a look at this article.

2. Answer options

The Answer options are for those Steps that allow answers that can be pre-configured, like a multiple choice Step.

3. Responses

Finally, the bot responses will be what the bot will answer the next step will be according to the user’s response. For input answers, you can define the next step and bot response.

You also have the possibility to set a message advanced conditions to apply conditioning. For example, provide a specific answer and step if the user’s answer contains a specific word, or is above or under a certain number. To read more about advanced conditions please read this article.

Note: Responses will be grouped per Answer option and when you add more than one response for a single answer, those answers displayed will be randomized. or when the advanced condition is validated as true that specific response (and jump)

Missing or invalid Responses

For some keyboard-input step types (like IBAN) you can also set what message the bot will respond to in case there is no answer ( Missing answer) and an answer is mandatory to continue or when the input is not validated ( invalid response).

Note: On the Bot Settings tab you can configure general invalid and missing responses.


Each Step has its own specific Settings that can be configured. Some require the developer mode to be turned on.

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