Which cookies does Quriobot use?

At the moment Quriobot initiates it will set and read these values to and from localStorage on the host page:

  • qbClosed- - stores whether the user has interacted with the bot, expires when the browser session ends
  • qbStartCount- - stores the number of times the widget was loaded, expires when the browser session ends
  • qbLang- - stores the current bot language (if the language switch is used), expires when the browser session ends
  • (optionally, when restore bot is used) qbStoredData- - session storage for storing the bot state, expires in 1 hour after the chat ends, can be changed in the Bot Behavior settings

Inside of the bot IFRAME Quriobot uses:

  • (optionally, when theLocation step type is used) Google Maps API to provide the location selection, which uses cookies as well
  • (optionally, when enabled) Google ReCaptcha v2 to provide bot response automation protection
  • qb.A - returning visitor flags Read more about our cookie policy here.

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