How to store the bot source for a backup locally

How to store the bot source for a backup

You can store the bot source for a backup purpose using the following those steps:

  • Open the Bot settings -> Advanced -> Bot source:
  • Click Edit the source code of this bot:
  • Select all the content in the source code editor field
  • Copy the content to the clipboard
  • Open a plain text editor (For example, on Mac - TextEdit, on Windows - Notepad), or a code editor like VS Code
  • Create a new file
  • Paste the previously copied content in the editor
  • Save the file with the descriptive name and .json extension

How to restore the bot from the saved backup

You can create a new bot from this saved source later on using the steps:

  • From the dashboard page, click New:
  • Enter the intended bot name
  • Click Modify the template source
  • Select all content in the source editor and cut to remove it, to have an empty source:
  • Open the previously saved bot source JSON file, copy its content into the clipboard
  • Paste the copied source into the editor:
  • Click save in the popup window
  • You’ll see a confirmation that you’re using the modified template:
  • Click Next:

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