How to set up bot action ad conversion tracking using Google Tag Manager

Suppose you’d like to track ad conversion based on the bot actions for the websites that use GTM. For example, it can be an answer to the email step that leads to a conversion.

Steps to set it up:

Step 1. Enable GTM event reporting:

Step 2. Add a data layer variable:

Variable Name: Action Data layer Variable Name: action

Step 3. In the GTM, add a trigger of type Custom Event:

Trigger type: Custom Event Event name: QB Enable ‘This trigger fires on’ -> Some Custom Events, then add a rule and select Action -> equals -> Answer/<step_code_name> (in our example, it’s simply an email, but can be yours)

Step 4. Add a tag of type Google Ads Conversion:

Tag Type: Google Ads Conversion Tracking Triggering: previously created trigger Set up the other conversion parameters accordingly

Step 5. Publish the changes in GTM

That’s it, you should be able to see the Google Ads conversions now

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