How do I add member(s) to my organization?

Adding a member is easy, but did you already think about the different roles of the members you want to invite to your account?

The roles that are supported (configured per organization):

  • Read-only member - can only see the bots and results, but can’t change anything
  • Editor member - can manage bots and read organizational information
  • Administrator - what an Editor member can do  + has access to a billing management

Note: When registering a Quriobot Control Room account, an Organization for this account is created automatically, and that account is given Administrator role.

So how to add a member:

Step 1: Go to your members’ overview: Organization > Members

Step 2: On that page, you will see all current members and adding a new user, of course, goes via the Invite new user button:

Note: if you are an administrator you have the option to switch user roles of your members or delete them.

Step 3: add the details of the person you want to invite and click invite

Step 4: Accepting the invite and enjoy Quriobot!

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