Startup behavior of your bot

Customizing your Quriobot’s startup behavior

You can choose a number of ways to start the bot, both automatically and based on User input. These can be configured on the Bot Settings > Behavior for s oft-start and the bot start.

Note: The default settings are as follows:

  • The bot will start by showing as the Sticky avatar
  • You can use your mouse to hover over the Sticky avatar the unfold the Soft-start
  • You can click on the sticky avatar for the bot to start chatting.
  • After 1.000ms (1 second) the soft-start will automatically unfold including a red cross for a user to close it again. If a user clicks on it the bot will start chatting
  • After 3.500ms (3,5 seconds) the bot will automatically start chatting (which can be closed by the user by clicking the red cross in the footer.
  • The next time you visit the page, the soft start and the bot will remain closed after you finished the chat or closed the chat or the soft-start

All these settings can be changed of course! Just look on the Bot Settings > Behavior section for the Soft-start settings at the top to change texts, how it behaves and when it automatically shows:

The soft-start settings

The bot start settings

Other behavior options

  • Prevent Exit if incomplete

    On: When you (accidentally) leave the page before finishing your chat you will get a warning

    Off: You can always leave a page (without warning) even though your conversation has not yet finished

  • Customize the Chat speed of the bot

    This allows you to speed up or slow down the speed with which the chat balloons are shown. It will be shown as a random value between the two selections.

  • Restore state

    On: This will make sure that the state (answers given) of the bot will be remembered (in the browser session), t he default expiration time of the conversation is set to 1 hour.

    Off: This will always make the bot start a new session

  • Customize expiry timeout of the stored state, hours

Allows setting custom expiry timeout in hours for the stored bot conversation (it’s 1 hour by default).


    This will protect your bot against unwanted visitors, which will be in the form of web crawlers (for search engines for example).

  • Send all bot actions to your Google Analytics

    By enabling this, Quriobot will automatically send all the bot actions to all Google Analytics accounts it can find on the host page. Read more here

  • Preload bot prior to start

Off (default): bot frame is loaded only when the bot actually starts, improving the experience for the user of the hosting page by decreasing the initial loading time

           On: bot frame will be preloaded on the initial page load if you’re strict about the delay between the bot start is invoked and the actual bot frame appears

  • Disable redo

Off: redo functionality for the respondents is enabled

           On: redo functionality for the respondents is disabled

  • Sound notifications

Enables sound notification when the automatic soft-start or bot start is triggered or step answer provided:

It’s also possible to have the behavior dependent on a certain condition: Conditional bot behavior.

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