Changing the Avatar, choose as many as you like (only for the paid plans)

To change the avatar(s), you need to enable ‘Remove Quriobot Branding’ in the Bot settings > Main settings:

Changing the Avatar, choose as many as you like - Located in the Bot Settings > Avatars section:

The default image for your Avatar and Sticky Avatar is our blue Quriobot, as shown below. To use a custom image click ‘Choose image’ and select the file to upload from your computer. After you have selected the image, please make sure to crop it so that it fits within the square. Once you have the perfect fit click ‘Save’.

Note: This can also use g if!

Avatar Image(s)

The face of your Quriobot. This appears when the QB starts a conversation. Think of it as a profile picture.

Pro tip: You can upload multiple images and switch throughout the chat! How to change is described here.

Avatar first name and last name

Those settings are currently supported for the Viber channel only, but the Facebook channel support is coming soon.

First name and last name is used to set the bot display name.

Sticky Avatar

This is the image of your QB when it is not having a conversation. People can click on this image to start a conversation.

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