Updating multiple bots in a batch

If you have many bots with the same or similar structure, you can update the bots in bulk using the batch update functionality.

Click to open the batch updates:

Create a new batch update item:

Set the name of the batch update, save

Upload CSV file

The CSV file must have the following columns:

  • Organization name
  • Bot name
  • Changes

The CSV file must be in UTF-8 encoding.

Changes object must be a JSON object with the following structure:

{"theme.sticky_avatar_popup.auto_show": false}

The keys of the JSON object are the keys from the bot source, accessible via Bot settings -> Advanced -> Bot source, just written in a dotted notation. The values are those that need to be set.

batch-update.csv is an example of the CSV file for the batch update.

After uploading, click to process the file:

Then check the status in the list of the batch updates to become Completed:

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