How to send bot notifications from your own email addresses

You can add your own From addresses in the organization settings so that you can later use them in the bot notifications.

  • Go toOrganization settings:

  • Click on theEmail tab

  • ClickNew, and supply the required info and click Save and don’t forget the next step

  • You will receive a verification email coming from Amazon AWS. To confirm that it’s your address, click the confirmation link. You have no verified that you are the owner of that email address.

    Refresh the list of email addresses to make sure it’s Confirmed.

  • Add the SPF DNS record for the DKIM authentication:

    • If your domain doesn’t have an existing SPF record, publish a TXT record with the following value. The name of the record can be blank or @, depending on your DNS service.
      <span style="color: rgb(11, 97, 37);">"v=spf1 ~all"</span>

      SPF records can contain multiple include statements. If your domain already has an SPF record, you can add an include statement for Amazon SES by using the following format:

      <span style="color: rgb(11, 97, 37);">"v=spf1 ~all"</span>
  • Add the displayed DNS records to the domain of your email address for the DKIM authentication:

Once you follow all the steps, please give the system some time to verify the email address, and then its status will change to Verified and you can use it!

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