Yes, you can. If you enabled developer mode just use these simple solutions in the step settings advanced section Dynamic settings field. 

There are available 4 options:

   "function(date){return (date.getDay() === 5 || date.getDay() === 6)}",

If you’d like to make certain dates unavailable for selection, there are multiple methods of doing so.

  1. Disabling specific date
  2. Disabling a date range
  3. Disabling dates using a function

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   "function(date){return (date.getDay() === 1 || date.getDay() === 2)}",

This is the enable option, which takes in an array of date strings, date ranges and functions. Essentially the same as the disable option above, but reversed.

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The minimum date that a user can start picking from (inclusive).

Overrides the value from the Start date field

The maximum date that a user can pick to (inclusive).

Overrides the value from the End date field