If you're using Google Analytics on your website where bot is placed, it's possible to track user interactions with the bot using your existing Google Analytics account: just enable the tracking and all actions are automatically sent to your analytics account! To enable go to Bot Settings > Behavior > advanced settings at the bottom

You will see these bot action results as virtual pageviews in your google analytics reporting:

  • /virtual/<bot path>/Load - bot loaded
  • /virtual/<bot path>/Start - bot started
  • /virtual/<bot path>/Question/<index> - question asked
  • /virtual/<bot path>/Answer/<index> - question answered
  • /virtual/<bot path>/Answer edit start/<index> - answer redo started
  • /virtual/<bot path>/Answer edit finish/<index> - answer redo finished
  • /virtual/<bot path>/Leave - user made bot hidden
  • /virtual/<bot path>/Return - user made bot visible back
  • /virtual/<bot path>/Finish - user finished the bot flow
  • /virtual/<bot path>/Exit - user exited the bot

Please note: this will most likely blow up your total page views, so it probably makes sense to create separate view for bot actions and filter out bot page views from your existing reporting.

If you want to sent events to your Google Analytics (or Facebook for example) you can use this solution.

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